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I am an NFT owner. How do I pawn?

  • Set terms: Select your NFT, desired duration, loan amount and the APR you’re willing to pay on the Pawn page. In general, a higher LTF (Loan-to-floor ratio) request should be paired with a higher APR to offset the increased risk. Of course, every NFT is different –- you can customize the terms you think are best.
  • Make request: Submit your loan request. Your NFT will be held in escrow by the program and your loan request will be listed on the loans page.
  • Wait for loan match: When a lender takes you up, you will receive your requested loan amount immediately in your wallet, and the time starts ticking on your loan duration. Check on your loan on Your Account page
  • Repay: Repayment of the loan amount and interest must be made before the loan maturity due date. Once repaid, you will get the NFT back in your wallet. If it is not made by the due date, your lender can seize your NFT from escrow.
  • Whitelisted Collections: See collections you can pawn here.

How do I lend?

  • Fund a loan: Accept an open loan request and the loan amount will be transferred to the borrower from your wallet. The loan duration starts at that point.
  • Default: If the loan matures and you have not been paid back the loan amount with interest, a β€œSeize NFT” button will show up on the loan. Click that and the NFT will be transferred from escrow to you.


What are the fees?

  • Annual percentage rate (APR): For a 30 day, 10 SOL loan with 10% APR, the interest would be 0.082 SOL (30/365 days * 10 SOL * 10%).
  • Early repayment: At the minimum, 25% of the agreed interest would be paid out to the lender, with interest increasing linearly with time thereafter. For a 30 day loan with 10 SOL interest due at maturity, you owe 2.5 SOL in interest if you repay anytime before day 7.5 (25% of the loan duration). On day 15 you owe 5 SOL in interest(50%) and on day 30 you owe the full 10 SOL.
  • Platform fees: 2% of the interest is taken. When 10 SOL in interest is paid by the borrower, 0.2 SOL goes to pawnhub and 9.8 SOL goes to the lender. If your loan request was not matched, no platform fees are taken.


How is LTF (Loan-To-Floor) determined?

  • We use the floor price of the collection to value the NFT. For a loan amount of 10 SOL on an NFT with a floor price of 100 SOL, the LTF will be 10%.

How is the due date calculated?

  • The loan duration starts counting down only when the loan is funded by a lender. At that point, the loan status changes from open to active, and you will see a due date in the duration column. Repayment of the loan amount and interest must be made by the due date or the lender can seize the underlying NFT.

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